Imagine walking through the clouds thousands of meters above sea level. In the Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Reserve you will be able to embrace the cloudy atmosphere, which serves as one of the most coveted ecotourism destinations in Costa Rica. The reserve covers a biozone of 26,000 hectares, full of a wonderful diversity of flora and fauna. There is no doubt that the cloud forest of Monteverde is a true paradise for nature lovers.
The Forest Reserve of Monteverde is located in the northern region of the province of Puntarenas in the Cordillera Central. It is located six kilometers east of the city of Santa Elena and about 150 kilometers from San Jose. Undoubtedly, the Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Reserve is one of the most impressive nature reserves in the world.
The true Cloud Forest
Wrapped in a thick layer of clouds, this biological reserve is distinguished from other cloud forests of Costa Rica. What we call clouds are actually fog produced by high humidity given its elevation of 1,600 meters above sea level. The humidity trapped around the endless branches of the tallest trees, houses a thriving ecosystem in the lower forest. While all of Costa Rica represents 0.03% of the planet’s land surface, only the Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Reserve represents 2.5% of the planet’s biodiversity