Coronado Med Guide Costa Rica

Located about 10 kilometers away from Costa Rica’s capital city, the quiet community of Coronado is one of San Jose’s finest suburbs. The city borders the Braulio Carrillo National Park along the Central Valley, making it an ideal place for travelers to hang their hat if they plan on venturing to the park. Coronado is much smaller than San Jose, but it is growing with more amenities to attract tourism.

Braulio Carrillo is one of the least visited national parks in Costa Rica, making any trip to it a journey to truly another realm. This virtually untouched national park is Costa Rica’s second largest, and is home to an amazing array of flora and fauna. For thousands of years, much of the primary rainforest has been untouched, making it an ideal home for many different animals. The geographical diversity of this park ranges from a chilly cloud forest to thick rainforests to lowland jungles. Visitors will notice drastic changes in scenery depending on the elevation, as well as changes in temperature. The park is home to more than 150 species of animals and nearly 6,000 species of trees.


The most popular activities in Braulio Carrillo are bird watching and hiking, with the Barva Volcano being a top destination to trek to. The inactive volcano reaches 9,700 feet at its highest point and spans approximately 62 square miles. The scenic summit of Barva takes about four to five hours to reach, but it is well worth the trek. It’s common to experience temperatures dip below 60 degrees at higher elevations, so travelers should come prepared with layers and water-proof outerwear.

Planning a visit to the nation’s capital? Coronado is the perfect place for travelers who wish to be close to the city, but don’t want to deal with the everyday hustle of the country’s largest metropolis. Buses frequently run into San Jose, and take about 20 to 30 minutes to commute between the cities. Travelers can visit some of the city’s finest attractions including the Gold Museum, National Museum, Plaza de la Cultura and Spirogyra Butterfly Garden.


Coronado offers travelers an opportunity to explore both sides of Costa Rica: City life and natural wonders. This centrally located community makes it easy to travel across the country and see everything that Costa Rica has to offer.
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