Liberia is located in the northwest of Costa Rica, on the Guanacaste province, and has all the makings of a popular tourist spot: an international airport, a modern churches, an authentic colonial atmosphere, a rich history, and a central park. While Liberia is mostly used as a waystation to move on to Guanacaste’s more developed surrounding cities and white sand beaches, the capital city isn’t a bad place to have a quick stay. With Guanacaste province offering visitors some of the country’s most incredible white sand and blue water beaches, rainforests, and volcanoes, the traffic through the gateway city of Liberia is not going to slow down anytime soon.


More than 55,000 Costa Ricans call Liberia home, and they will soon be living in an even more exciting and enticing area, as the airport is making the area so popular that renovations and expansions are planned for the city, including a mall. For residents and visitors, there are many restaurants and city amenities to make life interesting.


Staying in Liberia

Besides getting a glimpse at the daily life of an authentic Costa Rican town, those that stay in Liberia can also treat themselves to some great food, celebrations, and local spots. Some of the most important things you need to experience while in Liberia include getting Jugo de Caña (sugar cane juice) and Copos (snow cones) from local vendors. In July, the city hosts an expo that celebrates the annexation of its home province, Guanacaste, which took place in 1824.

Liberia is also home to Guanacaste Museum (Museo de Guanacaste), which displays work from local and national artists to represent Costa Rica’s abolishment of military, and its effect on the civility of the of the country as a whole. This is a great place to visit to get a true cultural experience.